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Save Time & Money

With All Clear Eviction Services, you will be able to recover your property in an efficient and professional manner. We have over 10 years experience in the Property Management field and utilize this experience to assist other Property Owners & Administrators through the eviction process. From the initial Failure to Pay letter to the actual set out on Eviction Day; we are confident that our services will relieve you of common tenancy headaches you are experiencing.  Whether you are renting an old family home or a multi-family community; we understand how one tenant breaking the terms of their lease can have a negative effect on your bottom line for years. We have built a network of lawyers, locksmiths, cleaners, & general contractors to help you in reducing the downtime experienced between tenants.  From cases focused on Failure to Pay Rent to Unlawful Detainer/Tenant Holdover; All Clear Evictions is here to help. We are an eviction company in Upper Marlboro, MD but work in surrounding areas. 

Our Process

Our process is simple because property management is hard enough. Focusing in Prince George's County, All Clear is able to step in to help either recover your property or recover lost income. When hired, we will assemble all required paperwork to move through the legal eviction process. You will also receive copies of all paperwork through the process for your records. This is a pay-as-you-go service, meaning that we will not proceed with your case until you give us written approval and pay the required fees. The outcome you desire is only a phone call away as long as your paperwork is correct and your records are accurate.

The Steps

Each situation is different but in general All Clear will work with you through three distinct steps:

  1. Initial Filing/Appearance:  a one time, upfront fee will be used to cover all court fees during this phase (additional fees if a continuance is granted). This fee also includes a certified "Pay or Quit" letter sent to the tenant and one court appearance on your behalf. The fee varies based on case type (i.e. Failure to Pay Rent, Tenant Holdover, Unlawful Detainer, etc.) and is non-refundable. Once a judgment is received, we will be able to proceed to step 2
  2. Warrant of Restitution (WRIT): once you are awarded a judgement and have waited the required time period, All Clear will file for your Warrant which prompts the Courts to order the Sheriff to remove the tenant. From here, it takes an varying amount of time to get your eviction actually scheduled. The only thing that stops the process at this point would be a stay granted by the Courts, the tenant paying the required amount, or they move. Should any of these scenarios occur, All Clear will guide you accordingly. But rest assured, we will manage the entire process for you and keep you updated on any developments as they occur.
  3. Eviction Day/Set-Out: All Clear has it's own eviction crews. Which means we will also meet the Sheriff on Eviction day and coordinate the Property recovery on your behalf. From coordinating with locksmiths to clean up afterwards, we can customize the services you require and oversee the entire process. Fees required vary based on crew size and other add on services like locksmiths and maids. The only thing you would need to do is get your new keys.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How long before I get my property back?

It takes 2 to 3 weeks before your day in court. After a judgment is awarded, you must wait another 7 days before you can file for the Warrant of Restitution (WRIT). The WRIT is then forwarded to the judge for signature which can take another 7 days. Finally the WRIT is sent to the Sheriff Department for scheduling and execution which can take anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks. There is no way to estimate how long the Sheriff process may take as it depends on various things including holidays, weather, and workload. So, in total, the whole process can take anywhere from 45 days to 3 months.

I served my tenant a 30-Day notice and they haven't paid their rent for this month, what can I do?

Allow us to start the eviction process for you. Contact us to discuss the required paperwork and let All Clear do the rest!

I don't have a lease with my tenant, can I still evict?

Yes you can!  The process is a little more complicated and takes a little longer but we can still help you. Don't hesitate, contact us today!

The utilities are in my name but the tenant is supposed to pay. Can I shut them off?

Absolutely Not! Even if the utilities are past due you cannot stop paying them or have them turned off. These actions can be construed as retaliatory towards the tenant, especially during an eviction. Turning off the utilities could also stop the eviction entirely in some counties.

What do I do with all the stuff on my lawn after the eviction?

Some cities/counties/HOA's will hold you responsible for the items set out on eviction day. The law varies by  State, County, and City but in Prince George's County you are able to throw away anything remaining on the corner as soon as 4 hours after the eviction. You are able to do whatever you want with anything left inside your property as soon as the Sheriff clears it and leaves. But the tenant has a right to retrieve their property placed outside for a varying amount of time. As a courtesy, most areas allow the property to remain outside for 24 hours with no penalties. After that time, All Clear recommends using our trash removal services to avoid being fined by the county, city, or your HOA.