All Clear Evictions

General Information

All Clear provides professional eviction services to customers in DC, Maryland (Charles County, Howard County, Montgomery County, & Prince George's County) and Virginia (Arlington & Alexandria). To request our services, give us a call at least 48 hours before your scheduled eviction date so that we can add you to our calendar. Your service date is not reserved until your initial deposit is placed with us. You can make the deposit through PayPal directly from this website. On the day of your eviction, our crew will show up with the necessary garbage bags and tools needed to complete the service. Should you need a locksmith; prior payment or arrangements need to be made BEFORE the sheriff arrives or they will not allow you to proceed with the eviction.

Crew Requirements

Landlord/Tenant Laws are always changing and All Clear Enterprises does it's best to remain up to date on those laws. To avoid delays during the eviction process, please ask your local Sheriff's Department to clarify the Crew Requirements and where property must be left after an eviction and for how long.

Crew Size

Studio/1 Bedroom - 10 Person Crew

2 Bedroom - 12 Person Crew

3 Bedroom - 15 Person Crew

Single Family Home - 20 Person Crew

Lock Replacement

With your permission, we are able to gain entry to the property by breaking or drilling out the locks if you do not have the key(s). We can also pre-purchase a replacement lock for an additional fee. Most jurisdictions require a new lock be readily available to secure your property BEFORE the eviction can begin.

Payment & Cancellation

We are able to cancel the eviction should you reach an agreement or payment is made no later than 24 hours prior to the scheduled arrival time of our crew. 

Once payment is due, All Clear accepts Paypal or net 15 day invoicing through your payment processing system. CASH IS NOT ACCEPTED.